Launching Cubic Jigsaw

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Cubic Jigsaw, is a brand new edutainment studio dedicated exclusively to kid’s apps, within the Higuera Studios group. We specialize in Edutainment content, through which we develop our real passion: creating high quality entertainment content for kids that offers carefully thought-out experiences through which kids can build on prior knowledge, learn new concepts, find challenges for their skills, and develop their minds as they play.

Our products aim to feature strong storytelling, captivating interactive moments and game mechanics, merged with superior art, graphics and animations. We are Based in Bogota – Colombia, and San Francisco – U.S.
Together with this new Division of H3, we are launching Axel's Chain Reaction.
For those who haven't check our last reel, this is the link:

Valencia-Spain, Bogota-Colombia, New York-US. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.