VR simulator for the National Colombian Army

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We are very proud to announce that we just finished the QA and release of our newest VR simulator for the National Colombian Army, that includes the first two units of content for a mobile virtual classroom, for teaching and learning of soldiers and officers of all around the country

Launching Cubic Jigsaw

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Cubic Jigsaw, is a brand new edutainment studio dedicated exclusively to kid’s apps, within the Higuera Studios group. We specialize in Edutainment content, through which we develop our real passion: creating high quality entertainment content for kids that offers carefully thought-out experiences through which kids can build on prior knowledge, learn new concepts, find challenges for their skills, and develop their minds as they play.

Higuera Studios Starts Operations From San Francisco

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After some years of evaluating the possibility of having H3 members operating from US soil, now is a reality, this journey began 3 years ago and have had many great moments, but many great challenges too, after November 2012 during a visit of the three Higuera Brothers at this great city was decided, that this office must exit by the first half of the year 2013, is then that we start a rush to try relocated our first two members. 

New Augmented Reality Projects

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Here in H3 studios, we enjoy using the latest technologies in augmented reality. During lasts months we have been working in few projects deployed in different platforms, from web browsers to mobile devices. We are preparing our new specialized service on AR; part of the reel can be seen in the following link.

H3 Part of The LEAP Developers Program and Unity Win8 Beta Testing

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Higuera Studios starts this 2013 with the news of been invited to the developers programs of LEAP. LEAP Motion is a new and revolutionary technology that will be available on May 19; this allows new ways of human interaction with application and video games.

H3 Plans an Office in The U.S

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During the commercial mission in San Francisco lead by Proexport Colombia on Nov 2012, Higuera Studios received positive feedback from companies and possible allies during the different meeting that leads to the sudden change of location for the office in NY to San Francisco.

Higuera Studios During The Colombia 3.0

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Higuera Studios was present during the great days of the Colombia 3.0, showing the portfolio and answering the visitor’s doubts about the technologies that H3 used and the infinite possibilities and power that each technology provided.

H3 behind Web Application of Brisa, a Product of Coca-Cola Company

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H3 - Developed a web based Application for the latest Coca-Cola Campaign and their product Agua Brisa in Colombia. This application was focus on the interaction without controls or keyboard, using only your hands over the screen, where the users were able to proceed in the process of destroy the new eco-plastic bottle of "Agua Brisa" with 22% less of plastic.