Chicas Aguila 2012 Main Advert Campaign

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H3 behind the develop of the advert camping of Chicas Aguila 2012, with behind scenes, short video commercials for the calendar, augmented reality material, calendar photography and all the pre-production, production and post-production of this great brand.

Aguila is one of the Beers produced by Bavaria, one of the biggest companies in Colombia that produces all kind of beverages. Each year Aguila sells a well know calendar about the girls of this country, many are the options but few are the girls chosen to be Aguila Girl and also be part of this calendar, that is follow by a set of event all year long where this girls are the soul of the party and Aguila the main sponsor.

Shooting and video recording, took place on the island of Colombia knows as San Andres and Providencia, during this week was shooted the  whole calendar and the videos for the augmented reality. There where also recorded videos for each month that can be seen on their website, this videos are about the festivals that each month happens somewhere on Colombia.