Higuera Studios Starts Operations From San Francisco

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After some years of evaluating the possibility of having H3 members operating from US soil, now is a reality, this journey began 3 years ago and have had many great moments, but many great challenges too, after November 2012 during a visit of the three Higuera Brothers at this great city was decided, that this office must exit by the first half of the year 2013, is then that we start a rush to try relocated our first two members. 

Last Monday we started operating, we still looking for our new building, in the meanwhile we have great news; our CTO would be sharing workspace with the great Unity Family, thanks to Elliot Solomon, Unity Vice President North America, who invited us to have Frank Higuera sharing space with them at Unity HQ at San Francisco. 
We are really proud and very excited about this moment, gathering all the energy and desires of keep the good work, and be one more Colombian company who join this great market, all this have been also possible because the great help of ProExport who help us during the process of studying markets like Europe and United States, where we finally decided to stay and do it during the GDC 2013 at San Francisco. 
Thanks also to all the people who always wish us the best, we are proud to be there as a Colombian company, trying to show the best of us.
For those who haven't check our last reel, this is the link: Click Here

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