H3 at IGDA Chapter Colombia Pre-Launch

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Higuera Studios was present at National University - Bogota Colombia, in an event that was part of the IGDA Chapter Colombia pre-launch event in Bogota.

Higuera Studios was invited to talk about their history and the fast growing of this studio during the last years. As part of the effort of consolidate in Colombia an strong arm to face the development of great games, higuera studios show in a  exposition guided by a timeline since University, how companies like this studios grows from  a fusion of many expertises, is not just about a professional game developer, its about the energie that an artist or group of artist can put into something that will take the form of a video game. This exposition took place in some of the most important universities of Bogota during the 29 of August and the 8 of September. 

We  focus most of our expo in  the  way how this Studio was taking form, we  show just few  examples of our work, but we hope that the people interesten in video games take some time to visit our website and form an idea of this business. Other expositions in the National University and in the rest of Universities around Bogota, were conducted by studios members of the IGDA chapter Colombia, some of them were: 

    • Efecto Sutudio
    • Brainz
    • Colombia Games
    • Teravision Games
    • e-nnovva
    • Press Start
    • Cuazart
    • Hi Media
    • TinMarin
    • Calabi-Yau