Behind The Scenes & Reports

For promotional purposes or just for the archives we will capture your production live on video with a “Behind-the-Scenes.” We will capture all the magic, energy and special moments during the production.

Whether you are shooting a low-budget project or manufacturing a sophisticated component, we’ll cover the full story; even shoot some stills for you, with on-camera interviews, titles and music. We will edit the project, incorporating titles, music and narration to your specifications. Also, if you just want the raw footage and don’t need it edited, we’ll turn the videotapes or digital media over to you at the end of the day.

But if what you’re looking for is something further than a behind-the-scenes, if you want to recreate a small commercial or report about a whole process or final results of a production, or even create and extend idea of different photography productions, we can create a special report for you.