Multimedia & Interactive

Using computer rendering technology and 3d graphics engines, we create flash like interactive applications or 2d/3d immersive developments to present a product or service. We also offer the possibility of develop virtual books, that will create great Engagement from student and kids, bringing that story and educational book to life, were the student would be able to learn some new knowledge or just have great fun with the story.

Engagement is a big word in education. It combines both objective participation and subjective emotion. It’s one of the few psychological terms in education that links students, teachers and content. That’s why is important to note that interactive books have more than words, text, and data. Interactive books give the opportunity to fuse words, text, animation, and interaction. 

That’s why we offered the possibility of create rich multimedia, interactive applications and virtual books.

This both products can increase productivity, entertainment and social networking, they can be deploy for BTL stands, PC and MAC standalone applications, web and almost all mobile devices in the market, taking advantage of every possibility each technology gave us.

Whether you have a finished manuscript or are just beginning in the writing process, even if you have a clear interactive app idea of just some references, let us help lead you to success with the interactive book and multimedia revolution.