Studio Rental

Inspired by the Parisian studio of the argentine painter Ruven Alterio, in Montmartre, who has his studio with natural light diagonal to the Mouling rouge, in the building who was also a study of the painter Renoir, playing with the entry of natural light by a transparent roof with beige curtains, great space for painting.

This photography studio is very special. It is full of surprises for creative, 40% of its walls are glass, makes an interesting studio with natural light, which can also be closed and converted into a interior studio.

To create is necessary to be stimulated and comfortable; it should also be a delicious moment that deserves to be captured forever. This study has plenty of good energy from a warm and inviting space that stimulates the senses to paint with light.

The best part is that the roof and walls can be transparent or opaque in parts, the area is divided into 23 areas that can be closed or open independently allowing playing with the entry of natural light. Studio of 40 square meters (6.5 meters x 6.8 meters), hair and makeup room for 3 simultaneous artists, modern kitchen, dressing room and an amazing bathroom. It also has a terrace with wooden floor and dock, overlooking a typical residential area of Bogota in Colombia. It has a soundround 5.1 system to make the music an important element in the atmosphere and stimulation. It also has Internet, telephone, fax and printer. We have an area of digital post production for digital retouching services, material management, download and review. A delicious healthy menu to choose from for the catering.

Photos of the study as you can play with the areas of light to enter. This stop motion video with an open box, three in a row, two separate, in chess, only the floor, with a super dynamic background music could be.