(H3) Higuera Studios

A Superior Gaming and Advert Experience. We develop high end multi-platform 3D interactive apps, video games, advert apps, web applications, mixed with high end photography, video and audio services.

  • We are a cluster of services that bind together the experience of advertising, innovation, aesthetics, image care and the changing technology to achieve unique result for our customers.

    H3 is a Studio that is always assuming new challenges, keeping in mind that new technologies and new ways of experience are the key for next advertising hit. That's why we are always looking forward to bind traditional advert services with the development over new interfaces, creating new advert moments and emotions for an evolving world.
  • We are always updating our technology, looking for new and better ways to do things, we have developed unique ways to fusion all kind of Web, 3D Engines, Data Bases, CMS, Digital Photography/Video and other technologies in a single complex service that just the experience can make it possible.
  • Our constant research and development, keeps us on the technology edge, integrating all new possible technologies available in software development market. We think that only by research is possible to keep the best quality, performance and results in our services. This makes it possible to achieve all our clients objectives, even if no one has done it before.